Unleash the Madness

    Foliage Print Pet Bed

    Hand crafted pet bed with a leaf print, has a soft filling in the center . sharp digital print on a amazing slub textured polyester fabric .
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    Unleash the Magic

    Unleash is a brand that bridges the almost invisible yet prevalent gap between humans and animals. When a pet is put on leash, not only is their physical self, but it is also their happiness that’s leashed. Just like we yearn for freedom of thought, movement and expression, so do our pets. It’s time to set them free and reclaim their happiness. It’s time to Unleash. Unleash your need for ownership. Unleash your unconditional love.

    When you unleash, is when you break down all barriers. You will be liberated from being a possessor and your pet from being a possession. It is in this moment that your role will shift from being an owner to a real companion. It is only when you unleash the power of ownership that you will witness a world of loyalty and affection unfold in front of you.


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    Your pet’s birthday is special and we are here to party with you. Here’s your chance to join the coolest club in town!

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